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Closing Web Projects

April 23rd, 2016

Once development of a web site is complete, everyone breathes a sigh of relief and looks forward to the next project. It is tempting to turn the site over, present a bill and move on to the next client, but the project is still far from over. The closing process group includes many important aspects […]

Monitoring and Controlling Web Projects

April 22nd, 2016

Monitoring and controlling web projects is vital in order to meet the triple constraint of time, scope and cost. When leading a web project, a project manager must be proactive in tracking metrics in order to keep the project running smoothly. Time management on web projects is often difficult to track. A Work Breakdown Structure […]

Executing Web Projects

April 17th, 2016

No web project goes according to plan. Ever. When executing web projects it is necessary to stay flexible and the project manager must be able to meet challenges and respond to risks quickly and efficiently to keep the team on track. As discussed previously, communicating with the client is of top priority during execution. Plans […]

Planning Web Projects Part 3

April 10th, 2016

Communication is essential to the success of any project. But in web projects it is one area that is often overlooked. A good communications plan is one that allows for proper communications with the client, and between the project team, between designers, developers and the marketing team. Internally, without good communications, developers can often waste […]

Planning Web Projects Part 2

April 3rd, 2016

Make-or-buy decisions in web development can be a crucial hinge point on whether a web project is successful or not, particularly in regard to the constraint of time. Assuming your website is being built through a modern Content Management System (CMS) your make-or-buy decision may be a straight cost calculation, or it may require a […]

Planning Web Projects Part 1

March 1st, 2016

As I have stated in my previous posts, the constraint that needs the most consideration in web projects is scope. When starting planning for a new website, it is important to properly identify the scope of the project so that enough time can be reserved for design and the inevitable content changes and adjustments. This […]

Pre-Initiating Web Projects

February 15th, 2016

Prior to entering into the initiating process, we must first go through “pre-initiation.” For a web project, this accounts for determining the scope, time and cost of the project, identifying the project sponsor and manager, reviewing processes and expectionations, and determining if the project should be split up among several smaller projects. When determining the […]

Project Management in Web Development

February 7th, 2016

The proliferation of project management in recent decades closely follows the growth of the technology sector. After looking at the numbers, one might say that project management has grown because of the growth of the technology sector. The reason for this is easy to conclude. According to the CHAOS Report released by the Standish Group […]